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Yoga has changed my life and I want to help my client to find the same happiness and wellbeing that I have found, by sharing the yoga tools with them.

About Me.

In 2013, I embarked on my yoga journey with a singular aim: to enhance my flexibility for improved performance as a dancer.

My path as a Yoga Teacher began in 2018 when I completed my initial RYT-200 certification with Yoga Alliance. As I delved deeper into the practice, I soon discovered that yoga encompasses far more than just physical exercises. To expand my understanding, I pursued further training and achieved RYT-300 certification with Yoga Alliance.

The profound philosophy and psychology of yoga aided me in gaining a better insight into my own identity and in discovering a more sustainable and joyful way of living. I can confidently affirm that yoga has transformed my life, and my desire is to assist my clients in finding the same sense of happiness and well-being that I have found by sharing the invaluable tools of yoga with them.

My Certifications

  • YT 500-hour through Yoga Alliance;

  • Yoga Therapist in Training at the Hoag Melinda Smith in Newport Beach through AlcheMe and Be The Change Yoga.

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga through Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga

  • 15-Hour Yin Yoga through Yoga Alliance

  • IAYT Yoga Therapist in Training.


Goals and Commitments

  • To provide a space where you can be who you are;​
  • An honest and open student-teacher relationship;​

  • It's YOUR practice: your yoga sessions are developed and based on your goals and needs after the completion of the New Client Intake Form (click to download)

  • My commitment to you is to keep learning and deepening my knowledge so that I can keep sharing reliable and accredited information;

  • Yoga is for everyone: every level, body, shape, and financial situation is welcomed!


Yoga has equipped me with invaluable tools, empowering me to share knowledge with others. My passion lies in mental health, a journey I've intimately known through years of personal struggle. Above all, my mission is to ensure that the benefits of yoga are accessible to everyone, particularly those who may not have had the privilege pr cannot afford to experience its transformative power

Yoga with Props
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