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“Yoga is not about self-improvement or making ourselves better. It is a process of deconstructing all the barriers we may have erected that prevent us from having an authentic connection with ourselves and with the world.”

~ Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi (2000)

Private Session

60-Minutes Individual Session:

  • Starting at $100

  • 6 Sessions $550

75-Minutes Individual Session:

  • Starting at $125

  • 6 Sessions $700

90-Minutes Individual Session:

  • Starting at $140

  • 6 Sessions $790

Couples or Small Groups, up to 4 people:

  • $150\60 mins

  • 6 sessions $800\60 mins

Sliding Scale​: Yes 

Corporate Yoga

Flat rate:

$350 up to 20 attendees; $10 per additional person.

Private Event: Yoga Practice + Sound Healing Bath

Flat Rate: $600/90 mins (min. 4 people); $12 per additional person.



  • 30 mins of your yoga practice (Restorative yoga, Yin, Gentle Yoga, Beginner or Intermediate Flow);

  • 30 mins of Sound Healing Bath;

  • 10 mins of Journaling.

  • 20 mins of Holding space for each other:

During this time, I will be serving tea and holding space to participants that would like to share their experience. (optional)

  • 1 free journal + 1 candle + 1 eye pillow.

Additional Info

  • Sessions take place at a private location provided by the client. Or, I can find the location and the space rental fee will be added to the total cost.

  • I require 1h for load- in setting up the space.

  • I require 30 mins to put everything away and leave the space.

Charity Event

Every year I offer a pro bono yoga class for Companies who want to organize a Charity Event to raise funds for a specific cause.

In 2021 I held a Beginner Yoga session to raise funds for a new school in OC, CA.


All Level Flow Yoga

Beginner Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Restorative Yoga 

Let's Work Together

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