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It was divine timing that led me to discover Yoga Therapy and more importantly, discover Flora! Not only is she a magnificent teacher and healer, she is incredibly dedicated to her clients and treats them as family. Post COVID I was looking for a yoga teacher who could conduct private lessons for myself and my daughter since we were still not comfortable going into a studio. It was at that time that I came across Flora via Yelp and I am beyond thankful that I did. I still remember my first interaction with Flora, she patiently explained in detail everything about her classes and rates without being pushy in the slightest bit. Even just in our first lesson, I could feel how different Flora was from all the other yoga teachers. She truly has a mind body soul philosophy and I felt immensely rejuvenated after her classes. Shortly after, she enlightened me about yoga therapy and I was highly intrigued since I hadn’t heard of it before however since I had full faith in Flora’s abilities and so I signed up without hesitation. She came up with a personalized plan for me that included poses, breathing exercises, stretches, mantras and mindfulness practices. I remember in one of other sessions we did a loving kindness meditation and afterwards I had tears flowing down my eyes because of the release I felt. Flora offers a safe space for her clients and since that time, I have had many many more sessions with her and my transformational journey has been truly amazing. My outlook on everything has changed for the better and I continue to learn more and grow more with each encounter. Flora’s healing methods are very effective and her impressions are always spot-on! She also incorporates affirmations and several other practical tools for her clients which I have found to be very useful in a pinch. Today, Flora is a big part of my wellness routine. Also, her home studio is very cosy and has incredible energy which I feel each time I enter the space. I highly recommend her services to beginners and advanced self-help junkies alike!"   Anagha

 I recently had the opportunity to work with a yoga therapy teacher Flora for 6 weeks and I must say, it was an incredible experience. From the very start, Flora provided excellent assessments of what my needs were and tailored her approach to my specific requirements. The intake process was great, as she paid close attention not only to my physical condition, but most of all mental, and spiritual well-being. During the sessions, she paid close attention to my form during exercises and also took the time to explain the importance and difference of each movement in yoga and its function. Then suggested appropriate modifications. She also provided a wonderful introduction to the philosophy of yoga, which was very insightful. She always followed up with detailed notes and suggestions to help me improve my practice even further. Flora even suggested tools to help me with my physical condition (carpal tunnel) which was incredibly thoughtful. What I appreciated most about Flora was her great knowledge and kindness. She has a wealth of resources and was always available to answer my questions or address any concerns. She created a custom meditation practice for me to use as part of the bedtime ritual, which has been incredibly helpful. Flora is an excellent and kind guide practitioner. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and dive into yoga practice with even more increased awareness. Thank you, Flora.  Bo.

Flora is an exceptional practitioner! She assisted my son in recovering from a sports injury. With compassionate care, she assisted and guided him to a full physical recovery, but she also helped him mentally and emotionally. We are very grateful for Flora's outstanding work and warmly recommend her to anyone. Annalisa.

Flora is great teacher, I tried yoga for the first time with her and it was a super relaxing experience.   Serena

Took my first private lesson with Flora today. It's a different kind of yoga, more spiritual and therapeutic. She has this calm aura about her--her voice and her guided meditation throughout the Restorative Yoga session were just what I needed on Monday afternoon. This was also my first time experiencing singing bowls, she gave me a brief explanation of its purpose and background, and it made me feel at ease.
If you are used to doing yoga as a workout, you have to try this. We are so used to a "go go go! Push yourself harder! Do more!" kind of culture today. This goes beyond toning the body, it awakens your body and awareness and treats your inner peace. 

I reached out to Flora to do a private session for a group for charity and she graciously accepted and offered her services. It was such a beautiful experience; the energy was positive and each pose so thoughtful. I felt a strong sense of calm and every moment throughout my session was met with tranquility and peace. Her attention to detail makes her an excellent instructor. I highly recommend and look forward to doing some private sessions with her in the future!  Lily

Flora is awesome! She is patient, gentle, welcoming and really knows yoga well.  I've done courses with her for core strengthening and stretching and have currently started prenatal yoga with her.  I really appreciate the time she takes to understand your health goals and how she encourages feedback after each session.  Her manner is soothing and positive and I highly recommend her!  Christina

First attempt in a yoga class, during the first lockdown... Even if the class was online, it was really touching and relaxing. Flora's voice guided me in a beautiful way, and it was like I was right next to her. Thank you!   Mara.

It was a very important moment during my lockdown in 2020, for my mind, my heart, and my body. Thank you, Flora, for those lessons, I will remember for a long time.  Silvana.

I found yoga classes with Flora absolutely relaxing. Her classes helped me to cope with my anxiety and I also feel more flexible and mobile. Flora really cares about people and their wellbeing. Absolutely recommended.  Valentina.

I found Flora when I was looking for resources to help ease tension and recalibrate my mental state after a long period of heightened stress. I emailed her through her website to find out more about what she offers, and she responded within a couple of hours. Upon meeting her, I could see how she is meant to do this type of work. Her voice and presence is so calming, soothing and nurturing. I would often show up to sessions with an overstimulated mind or a headache and leave feeling relief and calm. This isn't the stereotypical yoga you experience in a yoga studio. It is a more holistic practice that encompasses movement, chanting, breath work, visualization and intention. Flora is thorough and sends notes after every session with suggestions for you to incorporate into your daily practice. She tailors everything to your needs and gently guides you towards your goals. I highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with trauma or finds difficulty dealing with what's happening in your life or in this world. She will help you.  Anjali

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