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"Yoga is a process of replacing old patterns with new and more appropriate patterns."

~Sri T Krishnamacharya

Stretching on Yoga Mat
Yoga Therapy

One-on-One or Small Groups

Currently offering these sessions at a substantially lower cost as I am still in the certification process.

  • Intake Assessment

  • Session based on your goals and needs;

  • In-Person or Online;​

Areas of Focus

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety, Depression and Panick Attacks

  • Injuries recovery

  • Pelvic Floor Discomforts

  • Pain Management

  • Lifestyle's changes

    • (Career; Quitting smoking; Setting healthy boundaries;)

  • Sleep improvement

Corporate Yoga

Gift yoga to your employees

  •  Reduce Stress;

  • Team Building;

  • Improve communication;

  • Mental Health Awareness's Day

  • Develop a compassionate perspective.​

  • Postural Yoga

Fun at Yoga
Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Special Events or Workshops

  • Funds raising for Charity Events.

  • Yoga Practice and Sound Healing Bath.

Organize your special event to share with the people you love. e.g., Birthdays;

Bachelorettes and Bridals; Women's circles. 

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